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This animation is situated on an old power mill in Helsinki, called Hanasaari A.
A small group of photographers had two weeks free access to this very unique factory, to document it, create videos, photo series etc. Soon after this the factory was demolished.
I used my material to create a looping animation of men entering and leaving the factory. Story remains open, but you may read references to violence and destruction.

Red button at the end says: Everything Stop (=kaikki seis)

Still Images, Animation by Saana Inari
Sounds by Jukka Hiltunen

Screenings: Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques at Oran, Algeria, 2010; Experimental Art Festival at Central Exhibition Hall – Manege, St. Peterburg Russia, 2010; Fafa – Gallery, Helsinki Finland, 2006.

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