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The video draws a story about a mental dilemma, the protagonist is trying to escape by adopting the roles and forms of different animals. After several failures, she has to accept her own limitations in order to be able to continue her journey.
I use real encounters with animals as metaphors and a frame for the story based on my personal reflections. The name of the video refers to a photograph I made this year. The photo is used as the title of the video. In addition of visual elements, both deal with the connection to wild animals. In the picture I´m holding a deer, in the video a deer represents fear.



Screenings: Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques 2015, Marseille; AC-Institute, NYC, 2014; Eclectic Campagne(s) 2014, France; Ikono-TV Screening, Berlin 2013; Jumping
Frames International Dance Film Festival 2012; Oberhausen Kurzflmtage 2012; FIPA 2012, Biarritz; Art Beat, Melbourne 2012; NODE Center, Berlin 2012; Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques 2011, Port-de-Bouc; Transitio_MX 2011, Mexico City; Pool - screening motion 2011 (Pearls -award winner); KUVAN KEVÄT, Helsinki, 2011.
In the distribution program of Kurzflmtage Oberhausen 2014.

Short Film by Saana Inari
Country of Production: Germany

Duration: 11 min

Camera: Tiago Bartholo

Sound: John Blue

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